Alcohol Rehab

ImageFacts on Alcohol Addiction

The specific behavior that characterizes alcoholism is the consumption of significant quantities of alcohol on repeated occasions. The subjective motivating factor underlying this behavior is often obscure.

When alcoholics are asked why they drink excessively, they will occasionally attribute their drinking to a particular mood such as depression or anxiety or to situational problems. Many times they simply describe an overpowering “need” to drink, variously described as a craving or compulsion.

Many alcoholics find abstinence from alcohol difficult or impossible to achieve or to maintain. They may stop for a while only to resume drinking again later, usually with a recurrence of problems followed by another, often unsuccessful attempt to stop and stay stopped drinking.

In the fight against alcohol addiction, going it alone just isn’t good enough.

Alcohol Rehab

Through rehab treatment, an alcoholic can recover and lead a life free from alcoholism.

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