Alcohol Treatment

ImageAlcohol addiction is not a life sentence. You do not need to live your life under the cloud of shame, anonymity and the societal stigmas associated with alcohol addiction. Finally there is a tailored alcoholism recovery program that is not only appealing to those in need of treatment, but one that provides best of breed results in a respectful, comfortable, private environment. No stigmas. No judgment. Just a pure focus on results.

Why choose Pacific City Recovery?

  • Comprehensive and individualized treatment programs
  • No hospital stay required.
  • Private withdrawal management (detoxification) services.
  • Individualized outpatient treatment and counseling programs that are tailored to meet both your needs and your schedule.
  • Intensive day and evening counseling programs.
  • Private rooms and residential amenities
  • Safe medicine to help eliminate urges and cravings.
  • Wellness management to restore your health to optimum levels.
  • An expert staff to help you beat your alcoholism addiction that is completely focused on your success.

New Standards. New levels of success. The most sought after alternative to 12 Step alcoholism addiction treatment programs. Empowering you to put addiction behind you. Let us help you. Speak to our counselors.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, Pacific City Recovery is the right place. We offer affordable drug addiction treatment. It is possible to recover!