Bring Your Dog With You In rehab

ImageBenefits of Pets in Treatment

There are many different therapies that are centered around contact with animals like equine therapy and service work involving dogs. Pacific City Recovery recognizes the intense connection a pet owner and their pet has and want to show its clients the therapeutic qualities that animals can bring. Animals are typically loyal to their owners and they appreciate being a part of your growth as well! This mutually beneficial relationship can be a key to opening your heart to sobriety.

Bringing your pet to treatment will add normality and responsibility to your experience in rehab. Your animal is unique, just like you, and will need to have their own schedule that works for both the patient and pet. Pacific City Recovery makes this possible with their exceptional and considerate staff. They will help you find a program to better you and your pet’s lives.

Can I Bring My Pet to Drug Rehab?

Yes!!! At Pacific City Recovery your animal will be in your room with you for the entire duration of your stay in treatment. The staff will make any necessary arrangements to make your stay more enjoyable in order to help you heal and grow from the pains of addiction. You will have sober activities that involve your animal and living life clean!

In Southern California there are thousands of activities one can do with their animals. You will learn how to live sober and create a lifestyle free from drugs and alcohol that is healthy, productive, and responsible to the members of your household like your dog or cat. Orange County has many dog friendly beaches and parks where you can enjoy clean and sober time with your pets!

The facility sits on the Pacific Ocean overlooking the beach in Orange County. These large Southern Californian style homes offer exceptional housing accommodations for your stay in rehab. Your animal, no matter what size or breed, will be satisfied with the space allotted to it and its owner.

The accommodations for your animals are just as important to Pacific City Recovery as your experience in treatment. Alcoholism and addiction destroy the things we love the most so here we work on bringing those things back. The therapeutic benefits of having your pet in treatment are endless. Your experience getting clean and sober will be very personal to you, and we want to help.
Pacific City Recovery provides the daily needs and comfort of its residents including a warm and relaxing environment, laundry, housekeeping services, and everything our clients may need.

Pacific City Recovery is committed to meeting the needs of all of our clients. We are dedicated to treating all people as individuals and welcome people from all walks of life. You have our word that we are here to help. Our highly intensive program is filled with the best clinical services available, and balanced with fun and exciting activities. Our program is luxurious, comfortable, and most of all affordable. Our team is committed to ensuring that treatment is affordable to those in need.

Our drug rehab program welcomes pets and will accommodate all special requests and needs. Contact us today to see how we can help, and you can get your life back!

We here at Pacific City Recovery believe your pet can be beneficial to you recovery. That is why we are pet friendly and welcome your pet with open arms. That’s right you can bring your pet along for comfort through your treatment process.

Our addiction treatment is made stronger as we have our own resident addiction specialist Greg VanDyke, MD. He is ready to provide services for housecalls at $1,000. If you want to avail of his services, you can call our direct line now! 714-654-2325. Please know that we adhere to the privacy policy. Your information is safe with us and only trusted staff who work with you are able to access your files.

We understand how difficult it is to choose the path of sobriety. This is why we only provide the best level of services we can offer. With your cooperation, we can make your dream of turning over a new leaf a reality.

**We accept some Insurance plans upon verification of Insurance benefits. Some Detox fee’s: substance abuse treatment fee’s may be reimbursed. But it depends on your specific Medical Health Plan.

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