Couple’s Treatment Special

CouplesAt Pacific City Recovery, we know that addiction can lead to dependency in romantic partners. You enable your significant other, you enable each other to continue delving into your addiction. If you are ready for the cycle to end, come join us. We have house but separated rooms especially for couples in need of drug detox and treatment. You don’t have to leave your loved one to get help separately. Now it’s possible to get help, together. Strengthening your stand in a sober life and improving your relationship dynamic. It’s possible together! We offer the most welcoming, luxurious couples’ suites with ice-cold AC units attached, to stay comfortable through this heatwave. We are #1 for Couples Treatment for alcohol and drug addiction in Orange County and surrounding Southern California. Come together, even bring your pet with you. We can get you the help you need through therapy, improving the psychological side of addiction, and medicine, to help with physical addiction.

Call us now, at (714) 317-6176. Pacific City Recovery, we can get you and your partner clean!