ImageIn choosing a drug addiction treatment center, the quality of its detox facility is an essential factor to consider. In most cases, the detox facility can tell how effective and efficient is the drug addiction treatment center, as well as the level of its commitment to help the addict.

Pacific City Recovery‘s detox facility is of the highest standards, in line with its commitment towards the addict’s full and lasting recovery. Our detox team is composed of highly competent health professionals with a proven track record.

A detox program only serves to open the long-term treatment process as it helps the addict’s body cope with the physical dependencies accompanying drug addiction. An ideal detox program is tailored-fit to a patient’s specific case, keeping in mind the varying personal circumstances of different individuals.

At Pacific City Recovery, you are assured of a detox program specifically designed to answer to your specific needs. Our commitment is to help you get better and all our staff are always there to stand by you in every step of the way. Call Anytime 24/7.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, Pacific City Recovery is the right place. We offer affordable drug addiction treatment. It is possible to recover!