Family Intervention

A family intervention is a formal type of intervention involving a structured, solution-focused approach. A group composed of family members and friends come together in a caring and non-judgemental manner and discuss their views and concerns about the situation of the drug addict or alcoholic.

For a more effective intervention, professional assistance is highly needed. An expert interventionist can facilitate the family intervention, thus assuring its proper execution.

In planning for an intervention, the following steps are important:

  • Consult a professional interventionist.
  • Identify and contact all possible participants in the intervention process.
  • Meet with a professional counselor and discuss the situation to establish certain parameters for the intervention.
  • Meet the group and plan the actual intervention and rehearse what each member will say.
  • When making a schedule for the actual intervention, pick a time and date when the addict or alcoholic is certainly available and most likely sober.
  • Confront the drug addict or alcoholic in a loving and caring manner, making him understand what he’s doing is affecting not only himself but all the people who care about him as well.