Pet Friendly Detox

ImageHere at Pacific City Recovery, we provide the best treatment center with the highest level of care and the convenience of being pet friendly. Pacific City Recovery offers treatment by our own specially trained private doctors for heroin and opiates as well as souboxine detox.

People don’t give pets the full credit they deserve. They are more than an adorable ball of fur that meows or barks. They are people’s best friends because unlike anyone else, they are the most accepting and nonjudgmental people in fur coats – something that is important for those going thru treatment. Their presence alone can bring comfort and reduce stress which is something we can all use more off. Your pet will never judge you. They make great listeners. Sometimes just having someone to listen without judgment is all we want.

ImagePerhaps you’ve had problems with people excepting you unconditionally. Your pet will always accept you and is happy to spend time with you. Pets will help you restore faith in yourself and put the distrust you’ve developed for people behind. Your pet relies on you to survive. The ability to nurture your pet will boost your confidence in your ability to recover. Once you can love an animal, you can love yourself.

Pets also promote relaxation. Studies done on terminally ill patients show that patients enjoyed a better quality of life when exposed to pet therapy for just 90 min a day. Pets alleviate the anxiety and despair that many of us feel about our uncertain future.

ImageThey say laughter is the best medicine. With all the negative things we’ve experienced on our road to recovery, we may have forgotten how to do something as simple as laughing. Why not let our fury friends help out with that? Ever try to watch an animal video without laughing? It’s damn near impossible. The best part is laughter is free!

Sometimes the road to recovery is rough and it’s hard to find companions who understand us. Look no further than your four legged fury friend. They make wonderful companions. They may not say much but a silent stare is sometimes all you need to tell you “it will all be ok.” No need to ever feel alone on your journey.

Pets can teach us the value of empathy. We could all learn to be a little more caring for others. Having that unconditional bond between a human and a pet is priceless. The joy, laughter, companionship, and unconditional love pets provide help us keep ourselves and others on track.

Just because others may have lost faith and left us, don’t lose faith in your pets who have been there silently accepting you with unconditional love. They are the best friend anyone can ask for on this road to recovery. Why not give your beloved pet the credit they deserve and let them help you today. So give your pet a hug and give us a call our direct line now! 714-654-2325.