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Couples, Pet-Friendly, Dual Diagnosis

Are you and your “better half” stuck in a cycle of alcohol and drugs that is taking its toll on you and your relationship? If you are a couple and avoiding treatment because you are unable to find a treatment recovery center to detox you both together contact one of our intake coordinators at our direct line now! 714-654-2325 to discuss a treatment plain tailored to your couples’ needs. At we realize that addiction is a family disease and many couples have started their family with a dog, cat, or other animal. Research studies have shown that couples who recover together have a higher success rate with sobriety with each other as a support system. Additionally animals have proven to be therapeutic during the treatment and recovery process. works with all kinds of addictions and we never discriminate. Our on-staff medical doctor is at the top of Orange County’s addiction medicine specialization, and owns the elite, five-star center in beautiful Dana Point, CA. We also realize that addiction often has a deeper underlying issue. Therefore we cater to dual diagnosis and include treatment for other medical issues while helping you to recover and live a happy and drug-free life.

Don’t wait! We have AVAILABILITY NOW, but space is limited and summer is busy with the many Southern California events such as, the U.S. Open Surf Championship. Insurance is accepted, so please contact one of our intake coordinators, who will discuss treatment options and handle all insurance. Call our direct line now! 714-654-2325.